the roads are getting nearer
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
` 7:24 PM
So True..


"No matter what happens..

U Stick together and Hold on..

Even if its within your fingertips"


Wednesday, October 25, 2006
` 11:06 AM
Nur Syawal..

"Ahlan wa Sahlan Syawal"

The cry of the takbir, like always, touches my heart, caresses the soul so soft it gives you this undescribable feeling.. masya-Allah..

'Idulfitri for my family has always been an average occasion.. Granny's place senantiasa menjadi tempat buruan pertama bagi piranha2 yg dah kebulur tak bleh angkat .. pasal nenek nyer sambal goreng pengantin sungguh fuiyo! :D
Yg menghampakan, kuih semuer nenek beli dari raja kuih .. sungguh ... eEEEE!!! Alamak!!!

dan yg menjadi tumpuan kedua adalah rumah wak ku yg kian lama menjadi tempat perhimpunan bapak ku dan geng2 nyer .. *slapz forehead* itu tak pasal ... janji perut & kocek disogok.. aku happy2 .. *grinz*

sampai ke malam larh aku dan keluarga ku, menunggukan semuer2 nak prep untuk gambar.. nyaha!! lagi2 mkcik2 ku yg hendak menunjukkan harta karun dan baju2 rayer yg secara kesluruhannya, aku raser baju aku lagi handal .. =X

Quote dari kak ina.. "eh muker amat skrg ader skit iras2 hardy mirza" ... -.-"

and not forgetting,

she who loves me... and whom i love in return

thank you for giving me time on my own on eid's day.. i juz wanted to lay off and have my own time with everyone but i missed u, in the process of doin so..

@}--- @}--- @}---

a message to all:

i never really do apologies online coz i find it not sincere, but juz in case the Life of me doesnt unfurl till the day we meet, i extend my deepest apologies if i have wronged u.. i noe myself very well, that at times, knowingly or by accident that i can act rather harsh, and say things we all dun mean.. and i hope we all become better muslims in life.. and the kinship that He created within us, be prolonged till up There..

` 2:37 AM
Bertadah tangan sbg tanda syukur..

"Ramadhan meninggalkan kami lagi"
the past ten days have been oh-so-beautiful.. Ramadhan has always been all so special, to me.. to us all.. The terawihs, tahajjuds, every kneel in prayer, every plead in worship and every tear that goes with it.. all these in hopes for His forgiveness, in grace.. for 'taubatan nasuha' ..
But it will never end here, because life.. goes a long way

Syahru Ramadhan has been like a person to me, like ustaz, 'He' nurtured us all into the people we are today and i've never regret those days spent with dear Ramadhan. The feeling is overwhelming.. and i am reluctant to let u go

Dear Ramadhan,
I noe u hafta go.. but please Ya Rabb, dun let Ramadhan leave w/o having bestowed upon us forgiveness, even if it was a tinge.. for that is what i have been taught to seek from You.
My sins are like the countless pieces of sand.. too many that i deserve Jahannam (God forbid) .. but dear Ar-Rahman, i kneel before You and pray to thee for your mercy for you are All-Caring and All-Kind.

Amin Ya Robbal 'Alamin

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
` 3:14 AM
Make a wish..

"..and blow out the candles"

a Happy 20th Birthday,

may ALLAh bless u with good health and good wealth

and not forgetting the many blissful things dwn Here and up There..

Urs always,

Saturday, October 07, 2006
` 6:52 AM
Daunting times..

U kept me alive

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
` 11:37 PM
IF is a condition..
we havent been talking let alone meeting up..
its a rather "small real-world test" i presume

Thursday, September 28, 2006
` 2:59 AM
I love Us..

"I came because i love you

I came again because 6 Nov seems so far away"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
` 5:56 AM
Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Dear Ramadhan is here agn.. and i dun tink i shud explain what needs and not be done.. its a responsibility to every muslim brother and sister and hope with each ramadhan day that passes, we grow to become a better muslim that serves..

i wrote this one way back then, sumone read this one before, that is .. if "she" remembers

Allahumma ya Tuhan
Aku bertadah tangan
Memohon keampunan
Dari-Mu ya Ar-Rahman

Tuhanku curahkanlah
Keterangan Nur cahaya
Ke atas kami yang hina
Wahai Tuhan yang Esa

Allah jadikan kami
Orang yang bermurah hati
Tidak lokek dengan rezeki
Engkau Tuhan yang Memberi

Jauhkan kami musibah
Penyakit dan malapetaka
Tetapkan iman dan tabah
Mengharungi segala di dunia

Engkaulah segalanya
Tanpamu, tiadalah kita
Allah kami bersyujur
Jangan Sekali kita kufur

-*Amin ya Robbal 'Alamin*

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